Inform Your Insurers Immediately

After being convicted of drink driving offences it’s important to inform your Car insurance provider, whether it’s a DR10 or something more serious. Simply waiting until it’s time to renew your policy to disclose your drink driving offences is a risky move. Not only is it probably against the terms & conditions of your policy, it could invalidate your insurance if you need to make a claim on your policy. You may find your insurance policy is cancelled, which would not help your situation when it comes to finding quotes as you will be disclosing drink driving offences in addition to a cancellation of a policy, meaning you’ll have no chance of finding cheap insurance.

Price Goes Up

It should be no surprise to you that after declaring a drink driving conviction the price of your insurance will go up, this might not necessarily be the instant you inform your insurer of your conviction. However you will certainly notice the increase in price when you’re looking for cheap insurance quotes upon renewal of your policy. This is because insuring drivers with convictions comes with a higher risk than insuring a driver who hasn’t been convicted of any offences, motoring or otherwise. Now that you’re facing a prospect of no longer being able to find cheap Car insurance you’ll want to see what can help you find and get lower quotes.

Rehabilitation Courses

It’s all well and good saying you’ve learned your lesson after being convicted of drink driving offences or receiving a DR10 endorsement code on your licence, but most insurance companies won’t just take your word for it and immediately offer you a policy with a lower premium. However if you have the opportunity to take a rehabilitation course then you could find that helps you in your quest for cheap insurance quotes. When insurance companies see you have completed rehabilitation courses they are more likely to believe you are a reformed character, in addition you will statistically be better to insure than a driver that has committed offences but hasn’t completed any rehabilitation courses.

Finding Ways to Get Cheap Insurance

After receiving a drink driving conviction you’re going to need help finding a policy that’s affordable and works for you. Whilst you may have completed some rehabilitation courses you may still struggle to find cheap insurance and you may even be faced with eye watering quotes. The best way you can get a policy that suits you at an affordable price is by finding a reputable Convicted Driver insurance broker that has experience helping motorists with drink driving offences to their name, such as DR10, find cheap insurance. Going to a regular Car insurance provider will result in eye watering quotes.


Driving drunk can have tremendous consequences including loss of life, however if you are lucky enough to have been caught before you could do any damage, the only consequence you will face is points on your licence and a fine. However you will soon find that there is also a tremendous effect on your Car insurance policy and eye-watering quotes will mean it will be quite a long time before you are able to find cheap insurance, and that’s even if you use a specialist Drink Driving insurance broker or a general Convicted Driver insurance broker.